Music Tuition

MEP, O/A Levels, IB, ABRSM Grades 1-8 and more!

Why Music Academics

Music Academics is our response to traditional ‘F to A*’ tuition centres, with a musical twist.

A sister school to one of Singapore’s most popular Chinese music schools – Eight Tones Music School, Music Academics was founded to cater to the academic needs of our many students taking music as a subject in school.


Students who take Music in school are often unprepared for the unexpected challenge of the subject’s aspects that go beyond instrumental virtuosity and basic music theory.

Here at Music Academics, we help secondary and tertiary students get the As they deserve, under the leadership of programme director Jon Lin Chua, Eastman Graduate and Local Composer, along with her team consisting of music education veterans, award-winning composers and music degree holders.


Lessons are specially tailored to fit each individual student’s needs, as we believe that every student has his or her own unique way of comprehending music, and learning can be optimized by customizing a lesson plan that caters to one’s strengths.

Together, we can deepen your child’s scholarly understanding of music and unlock his or her fullest musical potential to go even further with music.


Music Theory

Learn about the concepts and structures within music.

MEP Tuition

Ace your ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level/MEP/IB Music.


Acquire the skills to create your own music and find your own compositional voice.

Aural Skills

Sharpen your skills of musical listening, sight-reading and sight-singing, as well as musical improvisation.

Conservatory Prep

Prepare yourself for the next big leap in your music education.

Teaching Team

Jon Lin Chua

Programme Director


With a strong passion for passing on her skills and knowledge to aspiring musicians, Ms. Chua has had experience teaching in both Rochester, New York, as well as in Singapore. She has taught in the Eastman Community Music School in Rochester, New York, and was an instructor for the Music Horizons programme, a programme targeted at high-schoolers aspiring to major in music in college.

De Silva Alicia Joyce

World Music Specialist

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Alicia teaches and conducts Angklung Kulintang, and plans the curriculum for Sonic Directions, a company providing music enrichment lessons to local schools and organizations. She also heads the Gamelan Ensembles at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the National Institute of Education. Alicia’s expertise in the area of world music gives students an edge when it comes to the world music segments in the listening papers.

Jocelyn Tan

World Music/ Music Theory


A multi-instrumentalist whose instrument specialties include the sheng, gamelan and piano, Jocelyn graduated with a BA (Hons) in Music (Composition) at the LASALLE College of the Arts. She has collaborated with American poet Neal Hall, setting gamelan music to spoken word for an album release. An avid performer, she also regularly guest performs for various orchestras and ensembles. 

Rebecca Tan

World Music/ Music Theory


Immersed in the world of music, Rebecca delved into the practice of Western and Traditional Chinese music by learning the piano and becoming an integral part of the Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) Guzheng Ensemble. During her time at Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), she eagerly joined the Concert Wind Band, discovering how to play the Euphonium and expanding her musical repertoire. Her dedication and experience propelled her to become a member of NAFA’s Symphonic Wind Band during her years in the Diploma programme.

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