MEP Tuition

Music Elective Programme, O Level Music, A Level Music, and IB Music

‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Music / MEP Tuition / IB Music

Music at these levels can be demanding and difficult to ace. Our Programme Director, Ms. Jon Lin Chua, will tailor lessons to best suit your needs and tackle the various elements in the non-practical aspect of the examinations. Lessons will be based on the syllabus given by the respective examination boards.

‘O’ level Music / Music Elective Programme (MEP)
Components covered include:
Music studies (written exam), Music writing, Music research essay, Study of set works
$100 per 1 hour lesson
Individual lessons only
Syllabus for ‘O’ level Music
Syllabus for ‘O’ level Higher Music / Music Elective Programme (MEP)

‘A’ level Music H2 (MEP)
H2 Music Writing
$120 per 1 hour lesson
Individual lessons only
Syllabus for ‘A’ level Music H2

International Baccalaureate (IB) Music
Components covered include:
Music Perception, Music writing, Essay writing
$120 per 1 hour lesson
Individual lessons only
Syllabus for International Baccalaureate (IB) Music

* Should piano accompaniment or accompaniment by an ensemble be needed, we are able to make such arrangements.

Listening Paper

The listening paper encompasses a wide scope of musical knowledge, spanning across the areas of music theory, music analysis, aural skills, music history, as well as performance practices and stylistic traits in various musical cultures. Due to the wide array of skills required to excel in this portion of the MEP examinations, the listening paper is extremely challenging and difficult to score on.  To meet the varied demands of the listening paper, our team comprises of music professionals with immense knowledge and teaching experience within each of these fields, as well as close knowledge of the SEAB syllabus. We will tailor a course plan to suit the needs of each individual student.


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