“Jon Lin advised me during my Eastman Community Music School senior thesis project. She was a stellar teacher throughout all parts of the project: she had me lay out a higher-level framework at the start, before diving into details.
She provided the me with the space and mentorship to grow as a student, having me come up with potential ideas and justification in advance before the two of us discussed how different musical ideas might connect during our meetings. She prodded me to look deeper into the meaning of different phrases, helping me to identify more connections in the musical construction of the work.
Moreover, Jon Lin gave great advice regarding presentation and explained why certain tactics would be more advantageous, rather than just demanding them. Her patience and mentorship made the experience very rewarding for me – plus, even though I didn’t pursue a course of music study in college, the approach she took and presentation skills she instructed me have helped me nonetheless.She

“Jon Lin taught me composition at the Eastman Community School of Music in Rochester NY. Jon Lin could also look at a score and immediately comprehend what it would sound like. To say that she was helpful would be an understatement. She helped to revive my musical composition enthusiasm. I am very grateful for all the work that she did for me and her always kind patience. She was a marvelous teacher, passionate about her work and very knowledgable about most aspects of music.”

Richard Wilder
Eastman Community Music School

“Jon Lin taught aural skills and composition in the theory and composition department. I was immediately struck by her ability to relate to our high school students. She is a born teacher and immediately took command of the class. I learned many new concepts and approaches to teaching aural skills, which I now use in my own teaching. She used many creative and innovative ways that helped the students improve their skills in singing, rhythmic performance and dictation.”

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